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The New Therapy Treating Mind AND Spirit

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Photo credit: Beth Estergomy, L.C.S.W.

The New Therapy Treating Mind AND Spirit

Many psychotherapists today are incorporating the value of alternative healing into their practice. Meditation, yoga and energy healing compliment traditional talk therapy, providing additional tools for people to manage their stress and emotions, and heal past pain. Meet Beth, a progressive holistic therapist who helps her patients evolve mind, body and spirit with a blend of talk therapy, energy healing and positive philosophy.

How would you describe your practice to traditional psychotherapy?

I call myself a holistic psychotherapist because I address the therapeutic process in a way that incorporates a multilayer approach. Traditional psychotherapy in my opinion does not fully include the deeper spiritual concepts and philosophies of why the individual is out of balance. Holistic therapy is a more whole approach to the healing process, addressing the body mind AND soul of the client. Another difference is that I offer energy healing as a modality, which is not considered a traditional method of therapy. In my experience energy work is an invaluable tool to help clients move beyond emotional, mental, spiritual and physical imbalances when talk therapy is not enough.

What inspired you to become a Holistic Psychotherapist?

My own personal struggle lead me on a path of healing, spiritual awareness and growth. At a young age due to several chronic medical issues my health began to decline. Conventional medicine offered little help for my conditions and I found myself looking deeper into the concepts of spirituality to understand the nature of illness. I began what became a long journey of healing and self-discovery around age 17. As I began to slowly heal myself I started to realize how the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of our being are interconnected and how they affect one another. It was this journey of personal growth and healing that I found my passion to help others reclaim their health as well. I knew from an early age that I was meant to heal myself and to help others through the process as well.

How would you describe Energy Healing?

The philosophy behind energy healing is that everything in and around us is energy, which is a basic concept in science today.  Therefore, since everything is energetic in nature including our emotions, thoughts and even our physical body all healing ultimately involves energy.  A healer is someone who has trained and learned to tap into this universal energy in order to affect the “human energy field” in positive and powerful ways.  Energy healing is a tool to help bring the body, mind and soul back into balance where healing can occur.

As we go through life and experience emotional and physical traumas they get stored energetically in our energy “anatomy”.  Sometimes we refer to these emotional and mental patterns as “blocks”.  Well that is literally what they become; blocked energy. As a result we may feel stuck and unable to change a negative behavior or thought process.  Energy healing is a method to release trapped fear, pain and trauma that may have become stored in the energy field. 

Energy healing is a very gentle yet powerful process and whatever takes place during a session is perfect for the individual and what they are ready to release. There are many styles and approaches today that represent energy healing and I believe each healer has their own unique gifts and abilities that they bring to the process.  I have been an energy healer for over a decade and have learned to expand in many directions as a healer.  I believe this modality enhances and deepens therapeutic changes that are the focus of any treatment.

 What is the most common issue you see people struggling with? How do your sessions help?

I have to say the most common, but seemingly simple issue people struggle with is self-love. Most issues no matter how complex they are, if broken down and simplified I find the cause is a lack of self-love. I have a unique ability to guide a client sometimes even in one session to see and uncover deeper core imbalances that can possibly be creating a lot of their outward struggles. The more self-aware we become the more power we have to change. Know thyself and love thyself.

Do you have any holistic tips or insights for healing PTSD?

PTSD from a spiritual perspective is (metaphorically) frozen energy of trauma that an individual suffers from by reliving the trauma over and over mentally and emotionally.  A holistic approach to treating such an experience would be for the client to learn tools that help them to live more in the present moment.  Memories of trauma start to dissolve each time we  learn and use the techniques of mindfulness. It helps not only the brain but the heart as well to realize that the experience or trauma is no longer happening in reality. This process helps the client relearn or remember how to feel safe once again in their body, mind, and thoughts. This happens gradually of course and with the commitment from the client to practice the techniques offered.

Why don’t many holistic practitioners accept insurance? Are your services affordable?

As a psychotherapist my services are covered by insurance plans that reimburse the client for “out of network” psychotherapy. The term holistic has no impact on the insurance covering or not covering the service, because I am licensed in the State of NY as a provider of psychotherapy. In other words I am offering a professional service that is in addition to my holistic approach. That is a personal choice of the therapist if they want to become providers of the insurance companies or if they choose to be out of network. There are a lot of technical details and issues that are considered when a therapist decides how to conduct their practice.

Insurance companies in general are encouraging people to go for preventative care services that are considered holistic. For example acupuncture, massage and chiropractic services are now covered and I believe it is very possible in our future that energy healing will be included in the list as our society further embraces the need for natural healing modalities.

I do believe my services are affordable, but it all depends on how we look at what we are paying for. Making our health and well-being a priority on our list of to do’s is a must when someone decides to seek therapy holistic or not. Therapy and spiritual growth is a commitment that one makes to oneself when they embark on the journey. In my opinion and my own personal experience finding peace, joy, support and self-healing is more valuable than most things we choose to spend money on. It will impact the quality of your life.

Beth Estergomy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from C.W. Post in Philosophy and graduated with her master’s degree from Adelphi University. To learn more, visit her website:


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