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5 Ways To Change The World


gandhi-jayanthi9-wallpaperGandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s re-quoted often, but how many of us are actually doing it?

Sometimes I find myself complaining about the state of the world, impatient with the chronic problems that I wish humanity evolved from long ago; disgusted by the corruption, the hatred, the violence, the ignorance to where I’m left with a sigh, feeling defeated. When is this light versus dark theme going to change in this world? When can we start experiencing a collaboration, a global healing, finally? There’s so much work to do in this world without the added challenges of humans working against each other.

I started considering how I can be the change I want to see in the world, based on issues that really bug me.

1. Corruption in America’s food production. How can I be the change? Educate myself, and use my consumer power to boycott the companies who aren’t doing the right thing. I support companies who are conducting ethical business, who are producing organic food, who don’t try to conceal their ingredients or production process. I support the small local organic farmer, attending their seasonal festivals and buying from their crops. I vote for politicians who support GMO labeling and are passionate about protecting consumer’s health.

2. Hypocrisy, especially within religion and spirituality. Instead of complaining about the corruption that has been part of spiritual businesses since the beginning of time, I choose instead to walk the path of spiritual leaders who inspire me. I study saints and other spiritual teachers I admire and let their wise words guide me, adhering to the positive philosophy of the healing power of love and dropping the fear-based judgments that separate people instead of bring them together. I do my best to emulate what my faith means to me, acting how I wish the world would be by doing small acts of kindness and being compassionate. Most of all I avoid hating because hate is the root of so many problems in this world.

3. The destruction of the environment is another issue that makes me grrrrr…How can I be the change? Stop contributing to the problem. Recycle as much as possible and buy recycled products. Don’t be wasteful. Don’t litter. Be respectful toward nature, don’t stomp through it. One day, I’d love to have a home with solar panels and all the pipes producing purified water.  I try natural cleaning and beauty products, and use biodegradable doggie bags. I use rechargeable batteries, natural pest control for my home and pets, buy BPA-free plastic if I buy plastic at all. I keep exploring eco-friendly alternatives. Every little bit counts.

4. Bad customer service. You know the people who act as if doing their job is doing you a favor? God knows I’ve had jobs I didn’t like. I’ve sometimes worked three jobs at a time, been stressed out in a million ways. And I admit when I was in college working minimum wage if I had a nasty, snooty customer, I was immature enough to give them some attitude back. But as I matured, as I healed myself, I recognized the power of kindness and good will. I recognized that I can choose to let my own problems seep into my job, I can choose to be personally offended by a customer’s attitude or I can treat my job as an act of divine service – whether I’m working minimum wage or own my own business – I can choose to see whatever work I’m doing as an opportunity to serve the greater good and make someone feel cared about, and feel heard. Maybe even help put a smile on their face. I won’t be able to make them all happy, but if I stay true to myself, and feel good about my own behavior, then I’ll be at peace.

5. One of the hardest ways to be the change: acceptance. Sometimes I have to accept things I don’t like to see in the world, sometimes I have to accept parts of people I love that I don’t like. Sometimes I have do the same within myself. Sometimes I have to accept things won’t be any different, and the best thing I could do is pray. I pray for change, and I pray to accept the things I cannot change. And I also pray for the wisdom to know the difference.

Today’s motivating thoughts:

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” -Walter Anderson

“The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Change The World

  1. It seems the bottom line for all five ideas are to do the best that you can with the resources you have. Easier said than done, perhaps, but certainly do-able.

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  2. Yes, small steps can make a difference!


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