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Veterans Health Network: Helping Vets Heal

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Richard on his honeymoon in 1965.

Richard Corsale was raised in Corona, Queens, New York by a single mom. His early home life wasn’t easy, and he was determined to make something of himself. In 1961 at 21, he joined the Navy and went to radio school in Norfolk, VA. Three years later, he got married. He was honorably discharged December 1965, and started his family that year. Richard now has two grown kids, he’s a grandfather of four and currently lives in Florida where he established the Veterans Health Network helping veterans nationwide with free access to natural healing remedies.

What inspired you to create the Veterans Health Network?

A friend of mine who is now an avid volunteer with VHN, came back from Vietnam with PTSD, Agent Orange and a few other illnesses. When I learned about the product (NCD) Natural Cellular Defense and went on an independent website showing how well this product did for many, I immediately ordered the product for him. Within three months of using NCD, his blood pressure dropped thirty points, his nightmares stopped and he felt whole again. His doctors at the VA hospital were amazed at the results. Based on how well the product did for him I decided to form the Veterans Health Network a 501 (C)(3) charity to help other wounded warriors back to health.

Have you personally tried Natural Cellular Defense?
Yes, and since I’ve been taking NCD, 5 drops, three times a day, I have experienced more energy as it removes the heavy metals and toxins form the body giving me more spark for my fund-raising efforts. It also helps to prevent cancer as it builds the immune system.

Can you tell us about the holistic remedies you’re donating free to Veterans? What conditions do they treat and how can Veterans order them?
(NCD) Natural Cellular Defense is a liquid zeolite remedy, completely holistic. It’s clinically studied and proven to help rid your body of toxic build-up with a unique activation process, it’s a very effective detox. We also carry (RTPR) Real Time Pain Relief. RTPR helps those who have diabetes and neuropathy, to relieve their pain. To receive any of these remedies, the Veteran needs to go to our website and fill out the enrollment form. Requests go on a waiting list and when funds are available from donations, they go directly to helping the Veterans receive their healing products.

Why do you think so many Veterans are interested in alternative therapies?
The primary interest in alternative holistic products is that it’s effective and there are no side effects.

What was the most significant and/ or impacting experience you had during your military service and how did it affect you?
What was significant was the traveling while serving in the Navy to various countries seeing how others lived and their cultures and realizing how wonderful we have it in the United States. My best experience was when I was out to sea on radio watch receiving an SOS message via Morse code from Mexican freighter on fire in the Gulf of Mexico. In notifying the Captain we immediately went to the aid of the freighter saving many lives. I was awarded a good conduct medal, as well as others for saving the freighter and a rescue mission in the Dominican Republic.

I was also in the Bay of Pigs in 1963. We went there to fix ships that needed repair. I was a radio man so I was in charge of communications to the other ships. During the Cuban crisis, an invasion never happened. But still it was scary because you had all these Russian submarines around us. A war didn’t break out, and no shots were fired, but there was a lot of tension. You didn’t know what was going to happen. I spent two weeks in the Bay of Pigs. That was the most stress I experienced during my service, when you don’t know what’s going to happen and you’re just on edge.

One of the most impacting experiences I had as an advanced radio operator was using something called MARS (military amateur radio service) that connected soldiers serving in the Vietnam War with their parents in the States. It was a free phone call, allowing parents a rare opportunity to hear their son’s voice and how he was doing, and for the soldier to receive family support. It used to put tears in my eyes to hear their heartfelt conversations, it was a very exciting part of my life. I am truly glad I had the privilege of serving our country.

What was it like being out to sea for months at a time?

At first, my equilibrium wasn’t great and I used to get seasick but I eventually got used to it. I used to play guitar and I’d jam with two other guys to entertain troops on the ship when we were on break or not working. When I was out to sea, I think in 1962, I was listening to BBC on the radio and I heard this group called The Beatles and I thought to myself, what a stupid name. Then I heard their music and I said wow, that’s fantastic, these guys are great. I listened to a lot of music.

How much do I need to donate to help a Veteran receive a remedy? How can I become a sponsor or volunteer?

Donations of $120 per month sponsor one veteran to receive one month of remedies. That means the veteran will receive 4 bottles of NCD and take 5 drops 3x a day for one month. Our current goal is to raise $45,000 to pay for a study for the V.A. to measure the effectiveness of these remedies. If we get sanctioned by the V.A., we can potentially help 20-30 veterans on a daily basis for six months or more. To make a donation, become a sponsor or volunteer, please visit our website. All donations helping our Veterans are tax-deductible.



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