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Messages for the Soul: Healing Stress

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Online_class_Healing_AngelsIf you’ve been feeling stressed for a while, this message is for you. You’re being asked, in the words of Padre Pio, to stop worrying. It’s not solving anything, these negative thoughts are only creating more stress for you.

Instead of worrying, you’re being encouraged to explore options for reducing your stress. Sometimes you may feel it’s not possible. Life may be throwing a lot at you all at once. Maybe you have a lot of responsibilities and don’t feel you have the luxury to do less, stress less. If you’ve been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders for a while now, consider today is a good day to start to let go. Start to give those bigger worries to God, and focus on what’s in your power right now, and what’s possible.

If you feel guided toward a certain stress management technique like meditation, yoga, biofeedback or therapeutic touch, please trust that inner nudging. Go for it. Life is too short to stay in the cycle of ongoing stress. Make a conscious decision to put your health first right now, take that time out, book an appointment to see that specialist or healer.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the daily habits of living, we don’t even realize we’re stressed. We don’t realize we’re holding our breath, or maybe our heart is beating a little faster than it ideally should, or that our nervous system is jittery from constant movement and racing thoughts. So many of us physically live in a state of high stress and become so used to this way of being, that it becomes our normal. If someone suggests a massage, we may laugh off their advice saying, “Where’s the time or the money to do that?” This kind of attitude only perpetuates a belief in martyrdom and squashes inner power, ignores higher guidance and can lead to chronic health problems, and exacerbate current ones.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Stress management experts and free stress management instruction is available online, just a few clicks and you may find your ahhh or ah-ha moment. Daily stretching alone can reduce stress and tension that leads to pain and injury. Such a simple concept – to stretch the body – yet how many of us prioritize something in the material world over a basic physical need first thing in the morning? Let’s try to change that.

IMG_8607Healing Affirmation from Chakra Healing with Archangels: Joy resides in me.

Download this affirmation on iTunes!


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