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Visions for the New Year

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New Years Resolutions….ah, who keeps tHD-Wallpapers-Happy-New-Year-2015-Free-Download-4hose? A small percent. The rest of us break under the pressure of The Resolution that becomes more of a burden than inspiration. New Years intentions, that’s a little better. But we all know where good intentions can lead us. Alas, a simple vision of what could be. Yes, that is my approach this year. What’s yours?

My Vision of 2015

1. Deleting old emails. Unsubscribe from emails that I never read and that overfill my in-box, and don’t buy into the belief that I’ll regret it. It’s one less distraction I’m eliminating from my day. Bookmark anything I want to check back on – on my time.

2. Stop making excuses for why I don’t stretch every day. I don’t care if I rush out the door and I’m standing in the supermarket – I’ll forward fold over my shopping cart and Triangle my way over to produce. Those longer yoga sessions don’t make up for that one day I allow myself to step into Stiffville.

3. Releasing guilt for getting my needs met. I deserve what I need to be healthy and happy. Self-care makes me a better person. I can’t control how others will react to my decisions, but I can choose to surround myself with people who love me just as I am.

4. Stop procrastinating. Those annoying little things I’ve been putting off for a year – yeah, those – they’re not going anywhere unless I do something about them. There’s no time like the present. Just. Get. It. Done. Already.

5. Accepting things are different this year, and creating the new. Things change every year on some level, and for me recent years have brought whip lashing change. The positive thing about change is it forces you to adapt to new situations and can bring about fresh inspiration. This year, I will continue to work on new projects, and create new opportunities that help me evolve and keep helping people. I pray that everyone finds joy in the purpose they are here to serve. Sometimes that purpose shifts to other, different ways of serving, and that’s okay. Life isn’t always linear. It’s often the windy roads that bring about the most wisdom and adventure.

6. Lastly, my vision this year is to Love it Alleven those really, really hard times because they have brought so much good when I’m willing to embrace the opportunity to learn more about myself, and life.

Welcome to 2015! Wishing you a peaceful and inspiring New Year.


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