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Mindset: Make It Work for You

????????????????????????????????????????Defeatist Attitude: It probably won’t work. I’m too scared to try, I can’t handle failing.

Successful Attitude: I have faith if it’s meant to be, it will work. I have nothing to lose. If it’s not meant to be, I move onto something else.

Do I always want to admit that my mindset can be my greatest advocate or adversary? No. Sometimes I acknowledge I’m throwing a little pity party, and that’s okay. The point is, I don’t stay at the party long. Just long enough to vent things out, and then I return to the victor’s bench.

Being on Team Victory doesn’t mean you never feel negative or get discouraged. It means you feel it, and move forward anyway. You don’t allow negativity to hold you back from the adventure. Without taking risks, you’re guaranteed no change. Why are we here if not to leap into adventures, and see what’s possible for us to achieve? When we focus on serving others, and not just ourselves, our mindset changes. We may feel less fearful because our attention isn’t focused on oh my God, will I fail? Instead, it’s focused on how you’d really like to help something greater than yourself, and how passionate you feel about your cause.

Be selfless on this journey when it comes to setting goals. I don’t mean put your needs last and martyr yourself – no! I mean, get out of your own way by detaching from ego. Ego is sickeningly attached to self-interest in such a dull and boring pattern, repeating insecurities over and over. Ego is best used to ground yourself in your identity so you can use your God-given skills to do something great in this world. Ego says, I’m a teacher, I’m a health care professional, I’m a salesperson, I’m a volunteer – whatever it is you are, that’s the healthy aspect of ego. It helps define yourself, and your purpose. When ego becomes your only reality, that’s when it becomes a problem. When you can’t separate your spirit’s journey from the trappings of your mind, you become a prisoner.

Work from your spirit. Work from a place of higher service, of calling, of purpose. Don’t dwell on what could go wrong, you’re not in charge of this world. Don’t assume that responsibility, it’s not yours. You’re only responsible for having the courage to pursue your dream, and be smart about it, but don’t get caught up in the negative what ifs. It’s crazy making. It’s fear disguised as helpfulness. Trust yourself. Be practical. But do not give into fear, unless you want to set yourself up for failure. God didn’t design you for that. You are designed for your own special purpose here, and when you follow your heart, you can’t fail. You may re-directed, you may not get your way exactly as you envisioned, but as long as you’re learning, you can’t fail. You can only get better.




Improve Your Health Right Now with a Parasite Cleanse!

One of the most valuable lessons in health education is the importance of routinely de-worming ourselves. It’s something people may do for their dogs, but not themselves. The misconception is that parasites are reserved for third world countries and overseas trips and that America is somehow squeaky clean of these critters. If you’ve ever watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, it shouldn’t be too shocking to believe that a simple night out at your local restaurant puts you at risk for coming home with a parasite.

There are over 1,000 kinds of parasites that could affect you. Ten years ago, when I was very sick, I had quite a few (I was eating lots of sushi). After a cleanse guided by an integrative medical doctor, I got better (and haven’t touched raw sushi since). Then one day, after handling and cooking a whole raw chicken, I came down with a high temperature and food poisoning. I went back to the doctor and discovered I contracted Giardia. Once again, a natural treatment worked and restored my health.

Giardia and Salmonella let you know you’re their new host. But others, like flukes, can be stealing your precious nutrients and you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary. No dramatic fevers or runs to the bathroom. Sure, you may think you have IBS, annoying eczema, or general fatigue and weight gain or loss from your busy or stressful life, when really you may be harboring parasites that can cross the intestinal barrier and cause some serious health problems in the long-run.

The general guideline is to take parasite-killing herbs for at least three months a year. Some do it for six months. Some people only do a cleanse for two or three weeks, others every day. When deciding, consider your lifestyle. Do you have pets? Do you eat at restaurants often? Do you wash your fruits and veg, and handle uncooked meat? Do eat raw sushi? Do you drink tap water? Do you have symptoms of not feeling quite right? Whether you live in the country, or the city, parasites are there and routine cleanses will help your body be free of them and the health issues they create. If you feel stressed, and have either a weak immunity or autoimmunity, it may be a good idea to cleanse more often, help your immune system out.

Keep in mind, it takes more than a day to complete a parasite cleanse because it takes time to effectively kill them all: adult, larval and eggs. That’s why generally three months is the recommended treatment time. Parasites can be easily transmitted, so in my house if I’m on a cleanse, so is the rest of the family, including the dogs. It’s a hygienic practice that helps everyone feel their best. Here you’ll find the five best parasite cleanses based on my personal experience, client feedback and overall reviews. It’s believed that more than 60 million Americans are unknowingly walking around infested with a parasite.

Many of the soldiers in my yoga therapy class at Fort Bragg came home from deployments with mysterious digestive upsets. I would recommend a parasite cleanse, but some would trust the lab tests that came back negative for parasites and continue to suffer in pain and frustration. Unfortunately, many doctors are missing one of the hundreds of parasites someone may be infected with, so always trust yourself. These cleanses are safe for most unless you are allergic to an ingredient or pregnant. Of course, it’s always a good idea to talk to a trusted physician about your cleansing plan, especially if it’s your first time and/or you take medications.

5 Best Parasite Cleanses

DrJsBest Yeast Para Control

Now Foods Wormwood Blend

Parasite Clear

Renew Life Para-Gone


For more information about prevention, visit the USDA.

Louise Hay’s Power Thought for Parasites:

I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference.


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Women, Sexual Trauma and PTSD: Breaking The Silence

imagesIt destroys peace of mind and can trigger PTSD, long-term anxiety and depression. It can ruin future relationships, and destroy self-esteem, health and body image. It’s shaming, demoralizing, and shakes the very core of feeling safe and protected in this world. Sexual trauma. Though it happens to men, too, women are more at risk and more often victims. Statistics show that this kind of stress starts in high school, and continues to be a potential threat as girls become women. Though the locations may be different, the situation is always the same: a male superior uses his power to degrade, control and abuse women, and bully them into submission with fear and intimidation. Sometimes, the victim is persecuted and the abuser protected by a bigger institution that isn’t being proactive or upholding consequences for this devastating hate crime.

Middle and High School. Nearly half of students have reported being sexually harassed either in person or on social media, yet schools – both private and public – are downplaying the severity of this problem. 87% of students admit this harassment has had a detrimental effect on them. Some are too fearful to tell anyone they’re being abused, and some victims resort to self-mutilation, eating disorders or suicide.

College. 1 in 5 girls will be sexually assaulted in college. The numbers are most likely higher because many girls aren’t reporting the crimes, or the schools aren’t acknowledging them.

Workplace. 1 in 4 women has reported sexual harassment at their workplace. Threatened with not being believed and/or losing their job, many won’t report the abuse.

The Military. According to a 2011 Newsweek report, women are more likely to be assaulted by a fellow soldier than killed in combat. More than half of women who have been assaulted don’t report it out of fear of retaliation, instead they choose to silently live with the trauma. Thousands of female veterans are now researching ways to heal PTSD as a result.

The Church. 40% of nuns have been raped, sexually harassed or assaulted by priests. Many do not come forward when it’s their own superiors who are violating them, so the statistics are most likely higher. It’s been reported that when priests have impregnated nuns, the babies have been aborted, killed after birth or adopted out. The Vatican has acknowledged that priests in at least 23 different countries are guilty of violating the nuns they work with, most notoriously in Africa where corrupted priests fear contracting HIV and virgin nuns become their prey.

My Experience

I’m one of these statistics. I experienced violations starting in my early teens when on two separate occasions, older boys groped me. Once was when I was sitting in a crowded backseat with a bunch of kids, and the other was at a Halloween party, a drunk masked senior grabbed me as I walked by him. Their advances were shocking, not welcomed, and very disturbing to me.

A few years later, when I was fifteen, I was raped by a pedophile who was a colleague of my fathers. He was a famous photographer turned agent. I was one of his many young victims. He once told me with pride how Bill Cosby was into the same thing, pretty young girls. He told me Cosby hit on his young co-star, Lisa Bonet, who played his teenager daughter on The Cosby Show. He took pleasure sharing that she may have felt coerced to give in because of his position. Like Cosby, this wealthy and well-known photographer/predator continued on with his successful career, continued to abuse women, and got away with it.

When I was in college, I was riding a crowded subway home from school one evening. Five men, who seemed part of a gang, surrounded me and started groping me. I can still feel the heat of their breath on my neck, and see their dark eyes staring at me mockingly, the smirks on their faces. Thankfully, a fellow female passenger read the horror on my face and shimmied her way through the crowd, reached out for my hand and pulled me away from them. She gave me her seat where I was safe.

The next violation occurred in my twenties, at one of my first “real” jobs. I was a reporter and my male editor made daily comments about what he thought of my body, and his intentions to have sex with me. He went so far as to grab my hand and place it on his groin. I reported this sexual harassment to the publishers. It was handled insensitively, their investigation leaning on me needing to deliver proof, and they refused to transfer me to another office. I felt I had no choice: I quit. About two weeks later, the company tried to hire me back when they had their proof this employee had a problem: he racked up thousands of company debt watching online porn in his office. He was fired, and went to work for a wrestling media company, where I cringe to think who his next victim was.

Breaking The Silence, Healing The Trauma

When I talk to friends and clients, I hear more and more stories of violations that have been swept deep into the mind, stored away in a shameful place inside of people. It’s hard to know who to trust with this secret, so many people will say insensitive remarks that I’ve heard myself like, “you have to get over it” or “we all make mistakes.” Half of all women I’ve met in my lifetime have been sexually harassed, assaulted or violated in some way. This isn’t something most people talk about, which is why I’m breaking the silence today. Sometimes it takes decades for the emotional shock to fade and for people to realize, and be honest, about the negative effects of sexual abuse. Healing begins when we start to talk about it, and start taking back our power.

Hope and Healing

Ignoring this is a real problem, resulting in millions of women suffering from PTSD, is not working. We need to demand that schools and workplaces require preventative sexual assault education programs that include on-site and hotline options that protect girls and women 24/7. Boys and men need to know that there will be a zero tolerance policy for this kind of abuse. Any man who thinks he has a right to bully, abuse or assault a woman has a deep-seated problem that needs treatment via the right therapist. These corrupted men are like rabid animals in the world, they need to be rehabilitated otherwise they’re just thrown back into the wild repeating the same behavior with a different victim. For us women, a bad guy may be potentially lurking when we’re in public, and unescorted, so we always need to be aware of our surroundings. Adding to that stress with an unsafe learning or work environment is simply unacceptable. We can implement change with the appropriate education, prevention programs and health-care.

My approach providing healing support for victims of sexual trauma is through yoga therapy, compassionate spiritual counseling and nutritional supplementation. This is what personally helped me heal, and what I have seen continually help the brave souls I work with. You don’t need to suffer alone. If you would like to work with me, email:

Healing Thought:

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek but a means by which we arrive at that goal. -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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5 Peace-Promoting Thoughts

peace+wallpaper1. There are no mistakes.

2. Everyone is a teacher.

3. Self-acceptance lifts the huge burden of unrealistic standards of perfection.

3. Forgiveness is personal. How forgiveness unfolds, or what it means, will be unique to the person in the position to forgive. There is no right or wrong way, it’s whatever way leads to peace.

4. Most times, less is more. Simplify.

5. Envy is a waste of perfectly good energy that could be well spent elsewhere, like enjoying life. It is a waste to envy because no one has a perfect life, everyone has challenges, losses, and suffering. When you can’t see that, you’re getting sucked into the illusions of life. The only thing that creates lasting happiness is inner peace, and you can’t buy that.

Motivating Thought of the Day

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. – Brian Tracy


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Flowers Essences for Healing Codependency

codependencyCodependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. According to WebMD, these are some of the ways to recognize if you’re in a codependent situation:

  • Are you unable to find satisfaction in your life outside of a specific person?
  • Do you recognize unhealthy behaviors in your partner but stay with him or her in spite of them?
  • Are you giving support to your partner at the cost of your own mental, emotional, and physical health?

Denying your own needs to make your partner happy, low self-esteem, lack of boundaries, denial there is a real problem and suffering from stress-related illnesses are all symptoms of being in this kind of unhealthy relationship. This behavior is often passed down through unhealed generations, children learning how to be codependent from their parents. Check out this blog to learn more, and this bestselling book.

My Experience with Codependency

I’m an adult child of an alcoholic, and we’re notorious for getting into codependent relationships. I tried to break this pattern but when I found myself in a marriage that tested me, I fell right back into it. My first husband found out he had an STD shortly before our wedding day, something he acquired before he met me. I first noticed the symptoms when we were engaged and insisted he see a doctor, he was in denial and didn’t want to deal with it. When a diagnosis was confirmed and treatment suggested, he became angry and still wanted to avoid it. He said he understood if I wanted to call the wedding off. I thought that would be heartless, and I believed he could be helped. After all, I had committed to a wellness plan that had healed me of what I had believed was a more serious health issue. Why couldn’t one of the many treatments available also help him?

What I learned into our marriage was that he didn’t have the same drive I had to heal. He preferred to avoid confrontation and deny how his problem was affecting our relationship. Scared I’d contract his STD, I remained faithfully celibate for the duration of our four year marriage which obviously thwarted my dream of starting a family. I was in my thirties and the idea of missing the chance to be a mom was making me feel depressed. His mother was an adult child of an alcoholic, and he was raised codependent. He once said to me after I healed from my own health challenges that he didn’t know how to be with me because he didn’t know how I needed him anymore. Big red flag of a codependent personality! We shouldn’t find our worth in a relationship based on how we can feel needed. It’s quite the opposite – we should feel free to be ourselves, take care of ourselves, learn, grow and evolve and celebrate this for our partner, too. We should not encourage our loved ones to be dependent on us. It’s a cruel thing to do in a world where change is constant and emotional independence and self-care is critical for creating a healthy life.

I became codependent by denying my own needs in the relationship and devoting myself to actively researching and arranging health care appointments for him, to which he either didn’t commit or didn’t follow through on. This only caused more resentment and frustration on my part, feeling he didn’t care enough about himself or me to actually do something about his situation. As the marriage went on, the untreated STD physically disfigured him and more issues popped up like his inability to be financially independent without his family’s help. I encouraged him to use his incredible talents, be successful and go for his dreams, but he lacked confidence and sound judgment which resulted in a series of financially devastating financial decisions that created more stress. He told my mother that he hoped my success would support him. His mother told me he needed to marry a rich woman, she knew I wasn’t one. Unfortunately, the fantasy of love blinded me from the reality that financial wellness is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. My wake-up call happened when we lost our home to foreclosure. He couldn’t provide for himself, let alone a family. I wanted a teammate, not a dependent. He needed another mommy, not a wife. When the stress of living with his stuckness started affecting my health and work, that was my sign I had to go. He was never going to change. I was tired of pretending we were the cute, perfect couple when life with him was living like a poverty-vowed nun. Putting on a front to the outside world was exhausting and made me feel bad about myself because I was being inauthentic. Divorce was the only option for my well-being, and was the best remedy for a hopeless situation.

I’m sharing my personal experience as an example of how sneaky codependency is. You may think you’re over it, you’ve healed and then bang – there it is, showing up in your life disguised as an opportunity to love unconditionally, be more patient or be the bigger person when really the lesson is to stop enabling unhealthy behavior and settling for dysfunction. Period.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

flores-y-el-dr-bachFlower essences work vibrationally with your magnetic field, similar to homeopathy, enhancing the positive aspects of mind, emotion and personality. This plant-based system of healing was invented by Dr. Bach, a British medical doctor who discovered a keen interest in homeopathy when he felt frustrated by the lack of mind/body recognition in mainstream medicine. In the 1930’s, he left his successful mainstream practice in the city and moved to the English countryside where he focused on the healing properties of plants and flowers. He created remedies naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by a sun-steeped method or by boiling. He began prescribing these flower remedies to patients and witnessed their physical symptoms improve when the underlying stressful emotions and beliefs were treated.

Flower Essences for Healing Codependency

FlowersforCodepencyCentaury helps you take care of your own needs and assert yourself if you find it hard to say no to others. These are the basic negative aspects of codependent relationships, and if healed, can help you stand up for yourself and focus on your own well-being instead of becoming lost in someone else’s issues.

Mustard brings back joy and cheerfulness when gloom descends for no obvious reason. You may not always realize how someone else’s problems are affecting you. You may find yourself feeling guilty, anxious or depressed even when you’re not around that person, there is still stress of the relationship lurking. This remedy used with the above will help strengthen your self-esteem and help you feel yourself again – separate from their suffering.

Olive restores energy when you are physically and mentally exhausted. Codependent relationships are mentally and physically exhausting. Olive can give you the strength to get through it and commit to your own self-care and doing what makes you feel healthy and happy.

I’ve found this combination extremely beneficial. You can put drops on your tongue or in your glass or pitcher of water. May peace with you now, may peace be with you always!


5 New Age Myths Debunked

God-Is-Love-wallpaper-Background-HD-Free-DownloadI was introduced to the New Age community ten years ago when I opened my wellness studio in Southern California. I’ve seen some spiritually confused people get lost on this path, drifting further away from a positive relationship with God, and finding more cause for self-flagellation, which is ironic because this is why many are turned off by religion. Any spirituality that thrives on fear is in opposition to God and our innate wisdom since God is love and this love is within us, i.e. yoga’s namaste: “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you.” Spiritual beliefs anchored in fear are about control.

One of the most popular fear-based New Age beliefs is focused on the power of negativity, that “the universe” will punish you for feeling negative by sending more negative things to your life that are being “attracted” to your thoughts and that negative thoughts can “energetically block” good things from happening. It’s a limiting, judgmental belief that leaves no room for a compassionate Creator who loves us no matter what, makes all things possible and has the power to surprise us with unexpected blessings.

In my faith, negativity is healed through the power of prayer and focusing on the omnipresent love of God, allowing that powerful love to naturally lift mind, body and spirit out of negativity. I don’t believe we are punished for thinking negatively, unless we start punishing ourselves by cutting off opportunities and making negativity a way of life instead of a temporary emotion passing through a difficult time – which is normal. I often wonder why people don’t see the clear connection between the punished sinner and the punished negative thinker. This is all fear-based spirituality. If we focus on being good people, doing good in the world and aspiring to heal ourselves so we can be as loving and compassionate as possible, then we won’t be so obsessed with the damning effects of negativity.

I’ve had a ton of negative experiences, some quite traumatic. I don’t blame myself for “attracting” these things. I believe God has a well-rounded plan for me that includes great challenges and great victories, and that’s life. Many of my greatest pains were the result of other people’s actions which were not my responsibility. Free will gives people freedom to make bad choices. When I’ve been hurt by other people’s bad choices or my own, I see it as a learning experience to grow from, designed to help me evolve. How can I blame God for my pain when humanity has been given a great power such as free will only to use it to harm others or ourselves? We are trusted by our Creator to use our power mindfully. I think the most powerful aspect of free will is being able to choose how we’ll react to life’s hardships, which is an important factor in maintaining inner peace.

Here are popular New Age myths debunked, and more reasons to strive for inner peace.

The more grateful you are, the more you will receive. There is no guarantee if you’re grateful for what you have that you will receive more of anything. You will most likely perceive you have more things to be grateful for since this is really about changing perspective. A grateful perspective is a healthy one that creates inner peace and contentment with what you have. However, if I’m miserable in a situation I find it best I’m real about it because that misery will be a driving force to change.

If you think negatively, you will attract negative things into your life. I have so many case points for this one, I’ll share the most recent. New Years Eve, the night was off to a stressful, disappointing start and I threw myself a pity party. I expressed to my partner that I wasn’t surprised and told him I released expectations because things had been hard for so long, I’d given up hope that good things could happen. If they did, I’d be very grateful but deep down, I doubted. Well right after I said that, the night completely turned around. I went to a beautiful restaurant I’d always wanted to experience and though it was packed with people, I found two seats under a heat lamp in a quiet section with a view of the water, as if reserved just for me and my guest. Then we went to the local artsy theater and a couple, strangers we had never met before, approached us out of the blue gave us their tickets to the New Years Eve party where we were welcomed to a culinary feast plus wine and champagne. It was like God was trying to prove my negative thinking wrong saying, see? Good things can still happen! According to the “Law of Attraction” based on my thoughts, I should have “attracted” a negative night. Instead, because God is merciful and good and through our Creator anything is possible, I had a fun, relaxing night filled with unexpected blessings and meaningful encounters. I love God. God helps me get out of my own way.

If you create a vision board, you will receive everything you want. Vision boards aren’t magic portals or wish lists for Santa to create whatever your ego desires out of thin air like you’re in a Disney movie. They are a creative exercise to help you clarify and organize your goals and lay them out in front of you to keep you inspired and motivated. Somehow, in the magical thinking world of New Ageism, they became manifesting portals, some people believed if they put expensive homes, cars and celebrity status on their boards they would magically appear. In my experience, hard work, confidence and clear goals lead to your fate. A vision board alone is delusional without a solid life plan of how to achieve what you want, and taking action to get it done. When I have had incredible opportunities come to me out of the blue, I don’t take credit for my thoughts magically “attracting” anything (ego!), I believe God sends me situations that I can either learn from and/or help others through, it’s as simple as that. Learn and serve. When I align my will with God’s will, things flow.

If you are clear about the kind of partner you want, you will “attract” them into your life. In my experience, relationships, for better or worse, are destined. I do believe we are attracted to people that feel familiar, even if they’re not always good for us. You can’t pretend your way into “attracting” the right person, you need to work on healing yourself so you can feel worthy and comfortable being in a healthy relationship versus a chaotic one. Even when we do a ton of self-healing and are crystal clear about the kind of person we want, there is still no guarantee we will meet the “ideal” person. Relationships present a lot of life lessons, and for some of us they will bring our greatest challenges in personal growth. Like the vision board, it’s unrealistic to try to order the perfect partner through a universal catalog. Instead, focus on healing yourself because the more you have your life together and feel peaceful, healthy and happy within, the more likely you will be attracted to a healthy relationship.

Energy healing is a cure all. I’m a Reiki Therapist and Teacher and I believe in energy healing. It’s a powerful thing, and it does work. However, it’s not a replacement for proper diet, supplementation, exercise, a healthy lifestyle, getting a yearly physical and discussing your concerns with a doctor or therapist. Energy healing complements other treatments. Sometimes it will lead to a miraculous healing, I’ve witnessed this in several clients over the years. But I would never recommend that energy healing is a replacement for other kinds of health care. I believe in integrative medicine, incorporating both conventional and holistic to cover all the bases because together these varying forms of wisdom create a balanced health care system.

Lesson learned from my time exposed to the New Age world? The beliefs overall lack practicality and grounding in reality. There is too much ego, too much escapism from the uncomfortable truths in life, with an emphasis on trying hard to control everything. There’s not enough humility, letting go to a higher power, trusting in destiny, aligning your will to God’s, focusing on service instead of self-gain. The New Age movement, like religion, searches for ways to make life less painful, but I don’t believe there is a way to do that. Instead of fearing pain, I find it best to accept that it’s part of the re-birthing cycle of life, like we see in nature. We need to develop tools to learn how to cope with pain, learn from it when we can, and reinvent ourselves when necessary.

If you’re here right now, God knows you’re courageous. We must use that courage and trust that we can handle what life throws us and grow stronger and wiser from it. Resilience doesn’t mean never falling down and never wanting to give up, it means you keep getting up and don’t quit. We need to stop cowering away from the unavoidable soulful work that life requires of us and focus more on the healing power of love. Most of all, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and complicating life. It does a good enough job of that on it’s own.

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Why Yoga Isn’t My Workout


©Lauralyn Kearney

“It is not enough to simply take a step; that step needs to take us in the right direction and be made the right way.” –The Heart of Yoga

I’m a yoga teacher and there are many ways I like to exercise but yoga isn’t at the top of my list for a hardcore or adventurous workout. The risk of injury is too high, and the intense mainstream practice doesn’t leave me time for inner peace.

Yoga for me is a therapy for health and wellness. It includes body maintenance: stretching my muscles, tendons and fascia so they don’t get tight which keeps me flexible and helps alleviate aches and pains. Using poses as resistance training to keep myself strong, like Plank. But mostly, I love healing my nervous system, turning off stress hormones and quieting the mind; it’s pure bliss. This healing form of yoga is my best friend when I don’t feel well or have an injury and I need restoration. When I need a retreat from the fast pace of life, when I need comfort from the trials of the world, healing yoga is my inner sanctuary where I unite with God and feel peace.

We live in a Yang dominated world, now more than ever. It’s all go, go, go. The focus is on acquiring more, moving faster, doing more faster. The world spins with a constant grabbing for bigger and better and often times rest, play and simplicity are trampled by fierce material ambition. Slower-paced Yin-type yoga says no to this rat race attitude, and instead values grace, gratitude and mindfulness. Yin Yoga is the slow-moving tortoise who wins the race. The prize is calm wellness versus frenzied mania and prescription-managed stress.

Yang personalities are leaders, always on the go, used to making lots of decisions, and find it very difficult, and not challenging enough, to simply be still. They are in the mindset of achieving through ego, always working toward something. Yin-type yoga asks us to receive through surrendering, and intuitively connecting within. With this kind of yoga, you aren’t focused on what you’re going to achieve, you’re focused on what you can release.

As technology keeps evolving, it will become even more important to learn how to slow down and quiet your mind and body. Electromagnetic pollution from computers, tablets, phones and TV’s can make you feel wired, drained, irritable and even cause insomnia and other health issues. Gentle, Restorative and Yin yoga are highly effective exercises to reset your mind and body and be calm so you can carry on.