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Improve Your Health Right Now with a Parasite Cleanse!


One of the most valuable lessons in health education is the importance of routinely de-worming ourselves. It’s something people may do for their dogs, but not themselves. The misconception is that parasites are reserved for third world countries and overseas trips and that America is somehow squeaky clean of these critters. If you’ve ever watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, it shouldn’t be too shocking to believe that a simple night out at your local restaurant puts you at risk for coming home with a parasite.

There are over 1,000 kinds of parasites that could affect you. Ten years ago, when I was very sick, I had quite a few (I was eating lots of sushi). After a cleanse guided by an integrative medical doctor, I got better (and haven’t touched raw sushi since). Then one day, after handling and cooking a whole raw chicken, I came down with a high temperature and food poisoning. I went back to the doctor and discovered I contracted Giardia. Once again, a natural treatment worked and restored my health.

Giardia and Salmonella let you know you’re their new host. But others, like flukes, can be stealing your precious nutrients and you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary. No dramatic fevers or runs to the bathroom. Sure, you may think you have IBS, annoying eczema, or general fatigue and weight gain or loss from your busy or stressful life, when really you may be harboring parasites that can cross the intestinal barrier and cause some serious health problems in the long-run.

The general guideline is to take parasite-killing herbs for at least three months a year. Some do it for six months. Some people only do a cleanse for two or three weeks, others every day. When deciding, consider your lifestyle. Do you have pets? Do you eat at restaurants often? Do you wash your fruits and veg, and handle uncooked meat? Do eat raw sushi? Do you drink tap water? Do you have symptoms of not feeling quite right? Whether you live in the country, or the city, parasites are there and routine cleanses will help your body be free of them and the health issues they create. If you feel stressed, and have either a weak immunity or autoimmunity, it may be a good idea to cleanse more often, help your immune system out.

Keep in mind, it takes more than a day to complete a parasite cleanse because it takes time to effectively kill them all: adult, larval and eggs. That’s why generally three months is the recommended treatment time. Parasites can be easily transmitted, so in my house if I’m on a cleanse, so is the rest of the family, including the dogs. It’s a hygienic practice that helps everyone feel their best. Here you’ll find the five best parasite cleanses based on my personal experience, client feedback and overall reviews. It’s believed that more than 60 million Americans are unknowingly walking around infested with a parasite.

Many of the soldiers in my yoga therapy class at Fort Bragg came home from deployments with mysterious digestive upsets. I would recommend a parasite cleanse, but some would trust the lab tests that came back negative for parasites and continue to suffer in pain and frustration. Unfortunately, many doctors are missing one of the hundreds of parasites someone may be infected with, so always trust yourself. These cleanses are safe for most unless you are allergic to an ingredient or pregnant. Of course, it’s always a good idea to talk to a trusted physician about your cleansing plan, especially if it’s your first time and/or you take medications.

5 Best Parasite Cleanses

DrJsBest Yeast Para Control

Now Foods Wormwood Blend

Parasite Clear

Renew Life Para-Gone


For more information about prevention, visit the USDA.

Louise Hay’s Power Thought for Parasites:

I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference.



4 thoughts on “Improve Your Health Right Now with a Parasite Cleanse!

  1. Lauralyn- what can my 2.5 year old take with me for parasites?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kerli! Check out Dr. Clark’s dosing guide for kids: You can take the same herbs (Black Walnut, Wormwood, Cloves), just lessen the dosage according to age and/or weight. I would also use caution with parasite formulas that contain laxatives unless your child needs them. She recommends adults continue with regular prevention doses, but children only do this twice a year or whenever ill.


  2. Another suggestion is to use The Allergy Kit, it includes a parasite vial. I use this kit regularly, it’s wonderful. It works via energy medicine, it’s safe for kids. You can find the link on my website: 🙂


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