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Mindset: Make It Work for You


????????????????????????????????????????Defeatist Attitude: It probably won’t work. I’m too scared to try, I can’t handle failing.

Successful Attitude: I have faith if it’s meant to be, it will work. I have nothing to lose. If it’s not meant to be, I move onto something else.

Do I always want to admit that my mindset can be my greatest advocate or adversary? No. Sometimes I acknowledge I’m throwing a little pity party, and that’s okay. The point is, I don’t stay at the party long. Just long enough to vent things out, and then I return to the victor’s bench.

Being on Team Victory doesn’t mean you never feel negative or get discouraged. It means you feel it, and move forward anyway. You don’t allow negativity to hold you back from the adventure. Without taking risks, you’re guaranteed no change. Why are we here if not to leap into adventures, and see what’s possible for us to achieve? When we focus on serving others, and not just ourselves, our mindset changes. We may feel less fearful because our attention isn’t focused on oh my God, will I fail? Instead, it’s focused on how you’d really like to help something greater than yourself, and how passionate you feel about your cause.

Be selfless on this journey when it comes to setting goals. I don’t mean put your needs last and martyr yourself – no! I mean, get out of your own way by detaching from ego. Ego is sickeningly attached to self-interest in such a dull and boring pattern, repeating insecurities over and over. Ego is best used to ground yourself in your identity so you can use your God-given skills to do something great in this world. Ego says, I’m a teacher, I’m a health care professional, I’m a salesperson, I’m a volunteer – whatever it is you are, that’s the healthy aspect of ego. It helps define yourself, and your purpose. When ego becomes your only reality, that’s when it becomes a problem. When you can’t separate your spirit’s journey from the trappings of your mind, you become a prisoner.

Work from your spirit. Work from a place of higher service, of calling, of purpose. Don’t dwell on what could go wrong, you’re not in charge of this world. Don’t assume that responsibility, it’s not yours. You’re only responsible for having the courage to pursue your dream, and be smart about it, but don’t get caught up in the negative what ifs. It’s crazy making. It’s fear disguised as helpfulness. Trust yourself. Be practical. But do not give into fear, unless you want to set yourself up for failure. God didn’t design you for that. You are designed for your own special purpose here, and when you follow your heart, you can’t fail. You may re-directed, you may not get your way exactly as you envisioned, but as long as you’re learning, you can’t fail. You can only get better.



2 thoughts on “Mindset: Make It Work for You

  1. Hi Lauralyn, This email has come at a perfect time. I have committed to be a real estate agent with Keller Williams. Not with Marty and Marty and Tammy. I just felt so strongly not to join Marty at this point. I felt it was to much family and I would be the odd man out. I also felt I needed a company that had good formal training. I feel that the company I picked is a good fit. I am constantly fighting for that successful attitude. This is so out of my comfort zone. I love learning new things. I just have to stop thinking I need to be an expert at all things to be successful. This email really helps. Thank you or all your great posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We perfectionists tend to make life way more complicated! You will help so many people find their dream home and at the end of the day, that’s what will bring you joy, that’s what it’s all about! Instead of focusing on being the “expert” being the home angel 🙂 The heart and soul you put into your work, the people whose lives you can touch through this service. Wishing you a wonderful new adventure with Keller Williams, and enjoying it! Thanks for reading xo


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