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The Spirit of Food

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ãîðà îâîùåé, îâîùè, ïîìèäîðû, îãóðöû, ìîðêîâü, ÷åñíîê, ðåäèñ, çåëåíü, ñàëàòYou know that gut feeling you get about people or situations? You can apply that to your diet. How? Start tuning into the food you eat, and see what your first instinct tells you about it.

Practicing Non-Attachment

This won’t be as easy to do if you have an emotional attachment. In that case, you’ll have to detach yourself from what that food has symbolized: comfort, feeling good, happy times, etc. and instead see the food for what it really is, separate from your past memories. Apply the being present yoga philosophy to food so you can experience a new relationship with it. If you have very strong emotional attachments, you may want to talk to a counselor or try emotional freedom technique to heal old hurts and break that emotional pattern. I included EFT statements you could use below.

Making The Connection

When I started becoming more conscious about the spirit of things, that subtle energy vibrating everything around me, I realized that food has it’s own life, too. When I walk through the fresh produce section I feel uplifted, as if on a nature walk. When I walk through the meat section, the vibration drops a bit. And when I walk through the candy and bread aisles, I feel the same as when I walk through a graveyard. When I pick up a head of organic broccoli, I feel life, I feel vibrancy, I feel God’s miracle right there in my hand, perfect as it is. When I pick up a loaf of bread, I feel like I’m holding dead weight.

Everyone’s body is different, so even if a living food is healthy, it may not be healthy for you. For example, nightshade vegetables, like tomatoes and eggplants, aren’t good for inflammatory illnesses. The more you tune into the subtle feelings your body is trying to communicate to you, the clearer you will become about which foods are your best fuel, and healing remedies. (Allergy testing helps, too. Check out Meridian Valley Lab, recently recommended by my integrative M.D.)

Next time you’re at the grocery story, or farmers market, see if you can tune into food and notice it’s spirit. What feelings are evoked for you? What reaction do your mind and body have? What makes you feel good, and what is tempting you with an emotional fix only? See if you can measure how high the spiritual and nutritional energy feels on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least alive.

Nutritional Mindfulness

Here are three ways to recognize whether food is bursting with spirit or hopelessly lifeless, and EFT statements to heal emotional attachments that may be holding you back.

Living Foods are unprocessed whole foods picked straight from the earth. They contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes just as God intended to meet our survival requirements here. Fresh organic fruit and vegetables contain the highest energy, followed by nuts, seeds and raw honey. The underlying belief with living foods is, I am good enough to receive the support I need. It is my birthright to have access to the purest foods possible. My health is an important priority.

Manipulated Foods still have some natural properties, but have been manipulated in some way. This includes genetic modification, hybrid grains, pesticides, hormones, MSG and other added chemicals to “enhance” flavor or (as is claimed by the food industry) improve food production. These foods vibe with hard workers who don’t have time to read labels, or don’t believe they can afford natural, organic foods. Manipulated foods may not cause problems right away for some people, but eventually may lead to inflammatory illnesses, autoimmunity, food allergies, headaches, rashes, digestive illnesses, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, infertility and other health problems. The underlying beliefs with manipulated foods are, I’m not good enough, Life is complicated, and I am not enough.

Tap It Out

I don’t have the time or the resources to take care of myself. I’m not good enough, I’m not worth the time or investment. Other things are more important than me. Maybe I can make time to take care of myself. I deserve to feel well, and just as good as anyone else. My health is worth the investment. My health is an important priority. Even though I have a hard time giving myself permission to take care of myself, or trusting that I can afford organic food, I still deeply love and accept myself, and everything is okay.

Dead Foods have lost their natural frequency, their enzymes, their nutritional healing properties as intended by nature. These foods are deep fried, overcooked, processed; fast foods, unhealthy frozen dinners, sugary candies, corn syrup, soda, all completely lifeless – nutritionally, and spiritually, dead. These foods hook into the part of us that feels empty and void, triggers an addictive response, creating an illusion of satisfaction when really it’s filling emptiness with more emptiness. Dead foods create weight gain, depression, high cholesterol, and other health issues. They feed the underlying belief that we’re not good enough, and give us more reasons to feel stressed and depressed, more reasons to feel victimized.

EFT pointsTap It Out

I feel dead inside. I feel empty and alone. No one cares, and I don’t care. I feel unmotivated to change. What’s the point? Nothing ever changes. Maybe things can change. I do care. I know other people who care (name them). Maybe I don’t need these foods anymore. Maybe I can let go of the hurt in my heart. Either way, whatever I decide, I deeply love and accept myself, and everything is okay.

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©2015 Lauralyn Kearney


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