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Messages for the Soul: Dreams

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Image from Doreen Virtue’s Indigo Angel card deck.

This message has several meanings. See what may be true for you today.

Rest is needed. If anxiety has been creating restlessness at night, and you’ve been having difficulty sleeping, try a natural remedy like melatonin or GABA to help you relax and fall asleep. You can also try restorative yoga, deep breathing and meditation to guide your mind and body into a restful state. Turn off your phone before bed, and create a relaxed atmosphere. Try to let go of whatever you’re worrying about, and give yourself permission to recharge so you can face any problems with a fresh, calm mindset.

Nighttime dreams. If you’ve been having vivid dreams lately, you may want to ask yourself what is your mind trying to tell you while you’re asleep? Are your dreams peaceful or fear-based? Often, our dreams express strong emotions, whatever we may be ignoring during the day. Don’t be afraid of your dreams, just ask yourself, what can I learn from this?

Day dreams. If you’ve been working hard toward a dream and some days find yourself doubting it will ever happen, or exhausted from all of your hard work, it’s a sign you’re burnt out. Take a time-out from building the dream, and try a nap. Inspiration comes with rejuvenation.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed about achieving a dream, break it down into small steps. Be realistic about your time. Time management and prioritizing will help you get things done more effectively. Patience is needed. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

If you have dreams of a new love, job, a vacation, weight loss…whatever your dream may be, don’t give up on the possibilities. Do what’s in your control right now, and leave the rest to God. Positive action almost always leads to positive results, so keep learning all you can and working toward your dream. Keep the faith!


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