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Faith in Prayer: it only takes a minute to get connected

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I recently attended a comedy night at the local V.A. where my husband works. The V.A. staff were showcasing their comedic talents to a room packed with veterans of all ages. We sat in the back, and I sat crossed legged in my chair, ready to have a laugh. Being intuitive, I’m always feeling the energy around me. I felt thankful that the young veteran sitting a few inches to my left had a very soothing vibe.

About a half hour into the show, I saw a group of arms frantically shooing away something large and buzzing from their table. The buzzing became louder, and soon a gigantic wasp was headed straight toward me. The guys around me swatted it, and for a moment, it was silent.

“Where did it go?” Someone asked.

I turned to my husband and said, “That thing was huge, did you see it?” He shook his head no.

“There it is!” The guy next to me said. “It’s on her!”

I looked down at my jacket sleeve, and there was the enormous wasp. His wings were still, and he was staring right at me. My body immediately tensed up, anticipating the what ifs. The main one being: what if he stings me?! I turned my head away and then felt a strong, confident, protective sweep of my arm. I looked back and saw the young veteran next to me throw the wasp to the floor and gently try to smash it with his sneaker. He thought it was done, but when he lifted his foot, the huge wasp shot back up, furiously.

“It’s like a horror movie!” Another young veteran gasped.

Once again, the young vet next to me stomped on the determined wasp and this time kept it up until all that was left were crushed remains.

“Thank you,” I said, relieved.

At the end of the show, they announced a giveaway for the veterans. There were some really nice items up for grabs like a flat screen TV and designer watch. I really wanted the young veteran next to me to win something. He deserved it for his bravery saving me from getting stung!

So I prayed, “God, please, help this guy out. Please let him win something.”

The host of the show called out the winning numbers. The young veteran next to me checked his ticket, then looked away. The flat screen TV was soon in the hands of an older vet who smiled and said it was going in his bedroom.

“Okay, God, please, let him win something.” I said again.

More tickets were drawn from a bowl, and more veterans claimed their gifts. None of them was this guy. There was now only one gift left.

“Come on, come on, let him win something,” I pleaded. “He has such good energy, and he did a good deed. He deserves it. Please let him win something.”

The last ticket was drawn. Everyone in the room checked their tickets. The young veteran next to me jumped out of his seat. He raised his winning ticket in the air as he walked up to the stage to claim his prize. I noticed he had tattoos down his neck arms. He was wearing a white tee and shorts. He walked confidently, and like he was holding something heavy on his shoulders. He returned to his seat with a bag in hand, and a big smile.

I leaned over toward his ear and said, “That’s for killing that bee.”

He looked up at me, surprised, his brown eyes full of sadness, hope and gratitude. He didn’t expect anything in return for doing something nice for a stranger. It was natural for him. He was happily surprised to win anything at all. He chuckled and nodded at me, and showed the winning bag to his friends.

I’m sharing this story because it’s so like life. The suspense wondering if our prayers will be answered. The lack of faith when we don’t see evidence yet. And the massive boost in faith when our prayers are answered, validation we’ve been heard. This experience also exemplifies the cycle of life: what goes around, comes around. Good deeds being rewarded without expectation. Despite all the hardness in this life, all the challenging life lessons that test our faith, fairness does exist. Sometimes it takes a while to believe that reality. After all, we’re human. We want to see before we believe, right? The secret to feeling less stressed, though, is to believe before the proof arrives. Like trusting the sun will rise, even when it’s dark out the night before.

I’ve always included prayer in my work because I believe in it. I believe it has a lot of power, and not just metaphysically. It has the power to send good energy to people, and to focus our minds on goodness and positivity. It only takes a minute to say a prayer for yourself or someone else, or the world, and in that minute, you’re connecting to Heaven. It’s a long-distance phone call you can make 24/7, free of charge.

Do you need clarity, validation or a boost in faith? Let’s connect! Email me to schedule your intuitive coaching session.


One thought on “Faith in Prayer: it only takes a minute to get connected

  1. Great story thank you.

    Debbi Dunn CHHC Sage Holistic Health and Wellness Center 757-585-9481



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