Peace Comes First

Your guide to creating inner peace through yoga therapy, practical spirituality and the gluten-free lifestyle.

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Yoga for Happiness and Relaxation

Enjoy 30-minutes of peaceful stretching, reclaiming inner peace.


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Yoga for Relaxation and Sleep

This gentle yoga practice gives you 30 minute routine for sleep, deep relaxation, stress relief and anxiety. These calming stretches will help you fall asleep and relieve pain and tension throughout the full body.

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Candlelight Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation

Beginners Yoga with Kino MacGregor is a calming, 12-minute Yoga meditation routine that is designed steady your mind and focus on the inner sensations of the body to relieve anxiety, bring awareness, and promote inner peace through a unique combination of soothing meditative exercises, traditional poses and passive stretches that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.