Peace Comes First

Your guide to creating inner peace through yoga therapy, practical spirituality and the gluten-free lifestyle.

Meditation: Open and Clear Your Heart Chakra

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Place one hand on your heart, and the other on your belly. Lengthen through your spine, elongating the neck. Relax the jaw, forehead and eyes. Soften the throat. What does your body need right now? What emotions are coming up for you that want to be heard? What negative thoughts are no longer serving you? What does your peaceful life look like? Can you allow yourself to receive goodness, love, support, positive attention, kindness, compassion, abundance? Keep breathing. Keep letting go of tension. Keep letting go of pain. Keep letting go of everything no longer serving you, only holding you back. Let it go. Soften the chest. Soften the heart. Soften the throat. Nurture yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, it’s okay. You’re okay. You’re healing. This is good. Keep breathing. Keep letting go. Love yourself. You can do it, go deeper with loving yourself, and accepting yourself. Forgive yourself. All is well. You are well. Keep breathing…you are healing.


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