Peace Comes First

Your guide to creating inner peace through yoga therapy, practical spirituality and the gluten-free lifestyle.

Music + Meditation


The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Rewire your brain with these daily meditations and positive thoughts set to uplifting music and imagery.

Chakra Healing with ArchangelsLargeMeditation is easy with Chakra Healing with Archangels. This unique compilation includes a positive affirmation song to awaken your morning with divine thoughts, a centering 10-minute afternoon pick-me-up and deeply relaxing nighttime relaxation that can be used with hands-on healing. Used regularly, you will feel rejuvenated, positive and peaceful. A wonderful tool for stress management and raising your energetic vibration. Try a 21-day relaxation challenge and listen daily!  Click here to listen and download.

Available on iTunes and CDBaby. Or purchase a limited edition eco-friendly CD.

This is a such a beautiful album. “A.M. Om Shanti (Peace Within)” is my absolute favorite! I feel like just playing this music cleans my home energy. Lauralyn’s voice is soothing and peaceful. -CDBaby Review


Cover Art - Inspired, Pink

Inspired: music for a magical life

A fun and uplifting way to rewire your brain with positive thoughts, lift your spirit and comfort your soul – ignite divine magic in your life! Each catchy song has a positive message that you’ll want to get stuck in your mind so you subconsciously repeat them, creating peace of mind. A favorite for yoga practice and workouts. Kids love these songs, too! Click here to listen and download.

Available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Lauralyn’s meditations/songs are beautiful and will captivate the soul’s voice. It has helped me to center myself and clear my chakras. I highly recommend her music to all that want to awaken to hear & find their spiritual journey.-iTunes Review


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