Peace Comes First

Your guide to creating inner peace through yoga therapy, practical spirituality and the gluten-free lifestyle.

My Story

lauralynn8_2_2Throughout my 20’s I suffered from chronic illness. I had multiple inflammatory diagnoses, and at one point, I was given one week to live. Defying doctor’s odds, I survived and self-motivated, I rehabbed myself out of a wheelchair to walking, from emaciated to a healthy weight. But soon my health failed me again. I was taking 40 pills a day, in chronic excruciating pain. I wished it would just go away. I didn’t want to deal with it. I felt labeled and hopeless, and too scared to think about other options. If I complained too much about symptoms, or challenged the doctor with my own intuitive hunches, I was referred to a psychologist.

Eventually, my body completely gave out on me and I was forced to survive on disability and food stamps. I was scared and skeptical, but I had no other choice if I wanted to live: I tried the alternatives. This decision, this education, saved my life. The holistic approach was hard work, and it required massive change. My health improved dramatically, the disabling symptoms disappeared. Doctors said I wouldn’t survive without medication – instead I thrived. Thankful to God, I recognized I could help others with what I’ve learned. And I’ve been doing that ever since. I’ve also continued to help myself because the healing journey never stops. In 2010, I starting experiencing PTSD from a nighttime house fire that left me homeless one week before Christmas. I turned to holistic healing once again, and it helped. Evolution is possible every day if you choose to keep bettering yourself. You just need patience.

Like many people today, I’ve been affected by high levels of stress, genetic modifications in America’s crops, environmental toxins and as a result have been challenged with inflammation, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, and multiple food allergies. These challenges are learning curves, opportunities to utilize faith and inner strength, and keep learning.

I’m an advocate for these things:

  • Relaxation and healthy outlets to release stress.
  • Being honest with yourself.
  • Organic food affordable and easily accessible to all.
  • Environmental responsibility and protecting our health.
  • Healing humanity with love, compassion, education, opportunity and empowerment.

Here’s your motivating thought for today:

“Daily rituals for healing are part of becoming a loving, calm person. You can set yourself free from unwanted emotions and problems if you are willing to take the time to do the work.” -Lynne Namka




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